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Sepultura need no introduction around these parts. The Brazilian metal institution has cranked out some of the most revered albums in thrash history. This year Sepultura released 'Kairos,' their 12th studio album and they've been touring ever since. Guitarist Andreas Kisser took time out of his hectic schedule to take part in our "Five Albums That Changed My Life" feature.

'A Night at the Opera'
Queen (1975)
"This was the first album I ever bought around 1979/1980. I remember that I had to convince my dad to buy it for me. He didn't like rock 'n' roll at all and only listened to Brazilian, country or classical music. Since the first time I heard it I loved it, especially the masterpiece, 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' It's a perfect blend of rock, folk and classical music and still my one of my favorite albums in rock history."
'Alive II'
KISS (1987)
"I had an older neighbor that owned an amazing record collection. He mostly had rock stuff and he used to make me compilation on cassette tapes. In one of our sessions I saw the cover from the second live album from KISS. I was in shock, yet really impressed by it. I had to have that album and bought it right away. KISS were one of a few bands that you could find albums by in Brazil. The album is intense, with a screaming crowd that made me feel like I was right there in the arena. I also love the fourth side with the studio tracks on it."
Black Sabbath (1970)
"When I heard the song 'Paranoid' for the first time, I was hooked. I had a cassette tape with that song recorded many times and I used to listen to it non-stop. It had a hypnotic effect on me. This is the album that includes the most enduring songs and some of the best-known riffs of all time. 'Iron Man,' 'War Pigs' and 'Faires Wear Boots,' are truly classics. They changed the course of music with their raw and heavy sounds and are the best band in history."
'Ride the Lightning'
Metallica (1984)
"With this album I saw that was possible to mix aggressive sounds with mellower melodies featuring clean guitars. It's a masterpiece of thrash music. The song I learned first was 'The Call of Ktulu,' the instrumental song on the album. It was such a challenge for me at that time. It was a great school for me to learn how to play that type of heavy riffing. Years later I got to jam on some songs with Metallica when I tried out to replace James Hetfield when he burnt his arm on stage in 1992. What an experience that was!"
Sepultura (1987)
"This was my first recording experience. It's also the first album I did with Sepultura and is still one of the most important albums of my life. It's a very raw and intense record. We recorded in two or three days and I learned a lot through the process. My guitar playing changed on it since I had to adapt to some of the hand positions that the riffs required. It improved my playing. With this album Sepultura was introduced to the world and all our lives changed so much, it was like passing to the next phase in life, from boy to men."
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