Pantera have earned their spot amongst metal's greatest bands and this Readers Poll takes a look at their career and asks you to name your favorite album.

It all started for the group back in 1983 with the 'Metal Magic' disc, with Terry Glaze leading the band through such songs as 'Tell Me If You Want It,' 'Ride My Rocket' and the title track. 'Projects in the Jungle' followed a year later, with the title track showing off the first hint of the thrashy metal that was to come. And with 1985's 'I am the Night,' the transition was even more apparent on the title track and 'Down Below.' However, after the album, the band would split with Glaze, welcoming new frontman Phil Anselmo.

The Anselmo era began with 1988's 'Power Metal,' a modestly successful offering that featured 'Proud to be Loud.' Their true breakout came with 1990's 'Cowboys From Hell,' which included the title track, 'Cemetery Gates' and 'Psycho Holiday.' In 1992, the band continued their momentum with 'Vulgar Display of Power, which generated the classics 'Mouth for War,' 'This Love' 'F---ing Hostile,' 'Hollow' and 'Walk.'

In 1994, Pantera served up 'Far Beyond Driven,' featuring such tracks as 'Becoming,' '5 Minutes Alone' and 'I'm Broken.' 1996's 'The Great Southern Trendkill' brought us the two-part 'Suicide Note,' 'War Never,' 'Floods' and 'Drag the Waters' and the band finished out their career with 2000's triumphant effort, 'Reinventing the Steel,' which yielded 'Revolution Is My Name,' 'I'll Cast a Shadow' and 'Godd--- Electric.'

That's nine rocking Pantera studio albums and now it's your turn to pick which of the discs is your favorite. Vote in the Readers Poll below: