Embryonic Devourment

Austin Spence of Embryonic Devourment, like any self-respecting metal musician, is in full belief that Halloween should be a much darker holiday, in spirit of the day's origins. Halloween is too G-rated in the increasingly politically correct and warm 'n' fuzzy 2009, so Spence suggested ways to make Oct. 31 more evil and uglier than it currently is!

"I think that there should be more evil and Satanism involved with Halloween," Spence told Noisecreep. "There's too many SpongeBob SquarePants masks and fairies and s---. So I suggest really making your home the best haunted house on the block. Set it up like a satanic ritual with pentagrams, blood, fire and fake babies hanging on hooks, ya know?

"Make it look like a more Satanic version of Cannibal Corpse's 'Butchered at Birth' cover. Have Jeffrey Dahmer's court tapings as the background/ambient music. Get some pig guts from the butcher for added intensity. Just be a loon about it; Halloween is too happy these days. This year, let's take it over the edge."

If you've got the stomach for it -- and apparently, members of Embryonic Devourment do -- go for it! Evil is as evil does.