Germany has had a fine history of thrash bands. Since the '80s, the country has birthed greats like Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. That's why it's no surprise that Drone also call Germany home.

Releasing their debut album album in 2007 (Head–On Collision), Drone have toured with the likes of Overkill, Pro-Pain and Ektomorf. The band's second album, 2009's Juggernaut, was also supported by several tours throughout Europe. On July 31, Drone will be releasing For Torch and Crown, their third album.

Noisecreep has teamed up with Drone to bring you the exclusive premiere of "Zombies in the Moshpit," a track off the upcoming album.

Listen to "Zombies in the Moshpit"

Drone vocalist/guitarist Mutz Hempel gave Noisecreep some background on the track:

"'Zombies in the Moshpit' goes out to all those crazy fucks, banging their headz 'n' asses off in the pit. OK, to be honest, we've always wanted a song about zombies, as zombies rule! So we ended up with 'Zombies in the Moshpit.' It's about the crowd and their self destroying action in front of the stage, ripping of their arms, puking out their guts and celebrating one hell of a party! As well, we needed the zombie thing to complete the records themes. There we have blood, revolution, vampz, boobz and zombies... besides some serious shit."

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Drone's For Torch and Crown will hit stores on July 31 via Metalville Records. Pre-order the album at this link.