Recording session ace Mike Mangini has officially been named the new drummer of Dream Theater. The Boston based musician is known for his work in Extreme, Annihilator, and Steve Vai's band.

The announcement was made in the latest episode of 'The Spirit Carries On,' a video series launched by Dream Theater that documented their drummer audition process. The other musicians that were trying out for the gig included powerhouse drummers Virgil Donati (Planet X), Peter Wildoer (Darkane), Thomas Lang (Glenn Hughes), Derek Roddy (Malevolent Creation), Marco Minnemann (Kreator), and Aquiles Priester (Angra).

Original drummer and founding member Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater in September 2010 after 25 years with the progressive metal giants.

"The day I got the phone call to be in Dream Theater, it took my brain a minute to assemble what was going on. When it sank in, the feeling was just of tremendous relief," said the 48 year old Mangini. "What it means to me to be part of not only such a legendary band, but this band is a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I feel like a puzzle piece. With Mike in particular, I feel really honored to carry the torch for him."

Dream Theater are currently working on their 11th studio album.

Watch Mike Mangini on Dicovery Channel's 'Time Warp'