For New York City-based 'Big Four' thrashers Anthrax, sometimes music videos were just as much of an exercise in humor as their lyrics were. Take the video for 'Madhouse' -- moshing mental patients and walls of amps with Anthrax rocking out in the middle of it all? Classic! But it wasn't all jokes. Videos like 'Who Cares Wins' captured the band's serious side, while 'Anti-Social' and 'Got the Time' showcase the band's energetic live shows. For a legendary moment in rock-meets-rap history, 'Bring the Noise' featuring Public Enemy is not to be missed.

Anthrax - 'Madhouse'

Anthrax - 'Who Cares Wins'

Anthrax and Public Enemy - 'Bring the Noise'

Anthrax - 'Anti-Social'

Anthrax - 'Got the Time'