When a band cites King Crimson's hallmark prog-rock album 'In the Court of the Crimson King' as one of their prime influences, they better have the musical chops to back it up. Fortunately for Beardfish, they have the skills to pay the bills. Noisecreep recently found out about the band, and we've been addicted ever since.

The Swedish prog quartet is led by a songwriter named Rikard Sjöblom, who also handles vocals, guitars, and keyboards. Founded in 2001, Beardfish have released five studio albums. In 2009, they were invited by former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy to be part of his Progressive Nation tour. The Swedes have just released their newest full-length slab of technical artistry: a seven-track album called 'Mammoth' that will surely please prog and hard rock fans.

We are proud to bring you an exclusive video performance taken from the bonus content featured on 'Mammoth.' The song in the video is 'Destined Solitaire,' the title track from their excellent 2009 album.

Watch the video for 'Destined Solitaire'


Sjöblom says he thinks the new material is a little harder and rougher than previous Beardfish records. "For the song 'And the Stone Said If I Could Speak,' we even had a guy come in to do some metal growls. All of us like metal and have listened to it since we were kids." The songwriter also loves the collaborative spirit on the new record. "It has to be said that this album is much more a band effort than previous records. All of the members contributed. I almost always start a song with a melody or a riff. Then I bring it to the guys and either they like it or they don't. Usually, they like it and we continue to work on it."