Ask any independent, touring band about life on the road, and you're bound to hear horror stories and nightmares. Battlefield's singer Rusty Steele decided to take the power back when he created Emulate Booking.

"I have established Emulate Booking over 10 years ago in an effort to build a contact list of solid dudes who would help local bands as well as other bands across the world that we have befriended along the way," Steele told Noisecreep. "Since then -- and with the help of being part of the Translation Loss and Init Records families -- it has opened new doors and a hell of a lot more serious effort towards booking tours."

It's not only the ability to book shows that Steel values. Having the chance to stay connected is just as important. "Sometimes with agencies, there is a point that you feel disconnected from knowing what is going on, primarily because you don't know what to expect of the promoter or the venues. My intent is to change that and always be aware of what is going on with the tours I help book." And there you have it: booking for the bands, by the bands.

Steele lamented on his band's August 2009 "tour debacle" with France's Overmars, saying, "Both bands decided to cut the tour short due to horribly-promoted shows, which is getting to be pretty common for the U.S. Since the tour in August '09, Battlefields has been catching up in real life, financial debts, writing new material and planning for 2010 touring and recording," Steele said. "Considering the lack of enthusiasm in the metal scene and an over saturation of underground touring bands, we have decided to plan our tours once again on our own terms instead of leaving it up to an agent."