Mastodon are the latest act to expand their brand to include a signature beer. The group just revealed that they've teamed up with Signature Brew in the U.K. to create Mastodon's Black Tongue, a brew that is an 8.3% double black IPA and is being called Signature Brew's "biggest and most powerful creation to date." The beer will officially launch on Dec. 3 and is currently available for pre-orders at this location. However, Mastodon isn't the only band with their signature beer and we want to know which band's beer is highest on your must-try list.

Iron Maiden recently released their 'Trooper' ale, with its malt flavor and citric notes with a subtle hint of lemon. AC/DC got into the beer game with a German Premium Lager called 'Australian Hardrock,' which promises to "fire up your tongue like TNT." And speaking of lagers, Motorhead have their 'Bastards Lager,' which is described as "a fruity beer with a wonderful character of light malt."

Pearl Jam issued 'Faithfull Ale' to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the band. The Belgian golden-style brew comes with 10 incremental additions of black currents. Sepultura have their own signature Weizen beer, complete with "the aroma and flavors of banana and clove." Municipal Waste entered the beer fray with 'Toxic Revolution, a signature oatmeal stout. And of course KISS, the masters of branding, would have their own 'Destroyer' beer.

As we round out our list of options, Pig Destroyer's 'Permanent Funeral' is described as a "bright and aromatic" beer. Viking metallers Amon Amarth offer the honey and smoked malt 'Ragnarok Porter.' And Corrosion of Conformity provide 'Corrosion of Conformity Imperial Porter,' which is aged in a rum barrel while boasting a raisin base.

That's a lot of bands with a lot of beers and we want to know which of the band-branded alcoholic concoctions you most want to try. Vote for your pick in our Readers Poll below: