Asking Alexandria captured their performance of the song 'Run Free,' from their upcoming third album 'From Death to Destiny' during their sold-out performance at the famed Brixton O2 Academy in the U.K. on Jan. 19 of this year.

The cameras capture the band in its most natural state, on stage, slaughtering their instruments and giving it all for their fans. It's a massive venue, showing us that Asking Alexandria really are the rock stars they've always acted like they are.

Frontman Danny Worsnop certainly commands the crowd's attention and the adoring audience is enraptured by him and the band. The show was filmed from several camera angles. The ones where we see things from the perspective of the guitar headstocks are particularly fun since they feel so first person.

Enjoy this live taste of Asking Alexandria as they demolish a stage in systematic, metallic fashion. 'From Death to Destiny' is out on Aug. 6 via Sumerian Records.