Asking Alexandria have one of the most anticipated albums of the year with 'From Death to Destiny' and the band is giving fans a chance to check out a pair of bonus cuts in a new preview.

The two song clips are for 'Dead' and 'Someone, Somewhere,' a pair of songs that couldn't be more different in style. 'Dead' is a pedal to the metal, in-your-face rocker with frontman Danny Worsnop unleashing both rough and clean vocals while drummer James Cassells keeps a furious beat.

As for 'Someone, Somewhere,' the song is more of a showcase for guitarist Ben Bruce as the acoustic performance is as close to a ballad as you'll ever get from Asking Alexandria. Take a listen to both tracks in the player above.

Both songs will be available as exclusive bonus cuts on the versions of the album sold at FYE stores or via iTunes in Europe. Pre-orders are currently underway here. 'From Death to Destiny' arrives in stores Aug. 6.