To say that 'Worship Music' is one of the most hotly anticipated metal albums in years would be an understatement. The upcoming Anthrax collection marks the first time the New York thrash masters have recorded with vocalist Joey Belladonna in over 20 years. The singer left Anthrax after the promotional campaign for their 'Persistence of Time' [1990] album, but returned to the fold for good [he came back to the group for some touring in 2005 and 2006] in 2010.

Before Belladonna rejoined the band, Anthrax recorded an early version of 'Worship Music' with then vocalist Dan Nelson. After he and the group split, the album was temporarily shelved while Anthrax figured out their singer situation. Once Belladonna came back into the lineup, the quintet went back into the studio and reworked a new and improved version of 'Worship Music.' The long-awaited album will finally hit stores on September 13th.

Anthrax's Scott Ian and Charlie Benante recently visited Noisecreep's West Coast headquarters and sat down for an on-camera interview. In this first part, we asked them if they ever considered shelving 'Worship Music' after Belladonna rejoined the band.

Watch Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of Anthrax talking about 'Worship Music'

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Anthrax will be playing Yankee Stadium as part of The Big 4 festival on September 14th along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. 'Worship Music' will be out on September 13th via Megaforce Records.