Annotations of an Autopsy

British death overlords Annotations of an Autopsy are ready to unleash 'The Reign of Darkness' on unsuspecting metal ears in February. Despite enduring another member changes, the band, which formed in 2006, hasn't been knocked off course or missed a beat by the revolving door membership.

"It's both a challenge and a exciting process, since new members bring new influences and styles to the table. Having a fresh face in the band gives everyone a new lease of life as well," guitarist Jamie Sweeney told Noisecreep. "People may not like it when bands have member changes, but sometimes things like that need to happen for the band to grow and progress within itself. Every time we've had new members, they've always brought something new and unique with them -- be it their style, their contribution to writing or even their attitude within the band. It can be a blessing more than a burden."

'The Reign of Darkness' is the band's Nuclear Blast debut, and it follows up 'Before the Throne of Infection.'