The cover of Hands' new album, 'Creator,' suggests the idea of the earthen creation of things, what with the tree-like texture of the model's interior and the clay pot he's holding. Turns out, that's exactly what designer Nathaniel Navratil had in mind. "When the band told me the title was 'Creator,' I immediately thought of Genesis 2:7 that says we were formed from the dust of the ground," Nathaniel told Noisecreep. "So I simply wanted to show how it might look to see a human being created or destroyed before your eyes."

Like just about everything we see, the idea of transience is something that he wanted to communicate clearly. "I think the lyrics combined with the art gives a feeling for life's fleeting nature," Navratil laments. "We are here and gone so quick in this huge and beautiful world."

The message of the album, though, is ultimately positive for Nathaniel. "Not to get all sappy," he warned. "But I've listened to this album over and over, and it defiantly reminds me how blessed we all are to experience this short life. It's always great when you're as excited about the music as you are the design project."