Many theatrical metal bands, especially black metal bands, use pseudonyms. Not because they want to conceal their identities, but because they want to have names that fit the scene's image -- and names that sound more evil than the one's their mama gave them!

"Mine was given to me accidentally," Abigail Williams guitarist/vocalist Ken Sorceron told Noisecreep about his black metalized last name. "My real last name is Bergeron. We were hanging with friends and drinking, and sometimes you blurt out stupid s--- when you drink, and a friend called me 'Sorceron.' They kept doing it, and I rolled with it and thought it sounded cool, actually. It was initially a joke turned serious. That's all people call me now. It's amusing when a kid goes, 'Hey Sorceron' at a show and I am like, 'Yes?'"

Sorceron also drops the faux hammer when assigning black metal monikers to his bandmates. "One bass player that we had for a few weeks ... I called him 'Cunt Hammer.' Our old bassist Tommy was 'Plague Hammer.' Our old drummer was 'Chrizt Hammer.' The chick in Winds of Plague [Kristen Randall] who was in our band for a bit was 'Whore Hammer,'" Sorceron said. Apparently, 'Hammer' is the official suffix of all former Abigail Williams members!

"It all goes back to it being funny and fun," Sorceron reasoned. "The music is serious, but if I lived completely serious like that, all the time, I'd kill myself. I become miserable when I working on my music, since I get so into it, so I came up with a way to lighten the mood."