It was just a year ago that Noisecreep spent three days in the heart of death metal New Jersey -- Clifton. We learned all about classic New York death metal from the likes of Mortician, Malignancy and Incantation. Gravehill taught us that blood and spikes can be scary and fun at the same time. Most importantly, however, Waking the Cadaver showed us how New Jersey became the slam capital with breakdown brothers Digested Flesh, Abacinate and a bunch of others whom played that weekend.

Well, because this writer couldn't make it to New Jersey Deathfest 2010, we talked to headliner's frontman -- Waking the Cadaver's Don Campan -- to find out all about their new album, 'Beyond Cops. Beyond God.'

Talk to me about the New Jersey death metal scene. You guys all seem fairly young, but did you have the pleasure of checking out all the New York death metal bands (Suffocation, Immolation, Mortician, Malignancy, etc.) when you were young?

The N.J. death metal is really strong and very well respected. N.J. holds within it terrific metal bands and has a few bands that we have looked up to for a long time and now play with (Digested Flesh). We are a fairly young band, but we have listened to all the above-mentioned bands and many more since we can remember and have been influenced by many bands from many levels of metal. We are proud to be from New Jersey and when we write our music, we like to incorporate our signature sound from the N.J. scene we grew up in -- which is, wicked-krunk breakdowns using the china cymbal, brutal vocals with ultra-slamming guitars riffs and not to mention the bulldozing bass from hell.

When did you start doing the low-end gurgle-sounding vocal? How did you learn it? How did you discover it?

I have a deep voice naturally, but the trick to the beginning sound of the Waking the Cadaver vocals was my authentic inhale-style guttural vocals that pierced the ears of many worldwide. How it was learned you ask -- it wasn't learned at all, I just simply control the amount of airflow and pitch when breathing. I am asked this question just about every show and every day in e-mails from fans around the world.

There are videos of people online from all over trying to duplicate this style that I have mastered. I must say I am happy to know I have influenced many. On our new CD, 'Beyond Cops. Beyond God.' I would like it to be known, that I recognize that I have come along way with the delivery of my vocals, even from the guttural style, in the past four years. This new CD displays the true talent of the new and improved vocals, and it is definitely another trademark sound that I have created for fans to enjoy.

There aren't as many mosh-ready breakdowns on 'Beyond Cops. Beyond God.' But,when the mosh parts come in, they're really heavy. How did that change in songwriting come about?

This is [a very true] statement. We did not set out to write this CD as a 'breakdown after breakdown' concept as the heaviest element on the CD. Yes, our breakdowns are extremely heavy, and yes, we are known for them to be catchy and unholy at the same time. This new CD has so much going for itself then people may even realize at first. There are a few jams to listen to on our Myspace and Facebook page, but when you pop this CD in your system, you will feel hardest hitting display of brutality your ears have heard to date.

Nobody in the metal scene is putting anything like this out on the shelves. As for the songwriting aspect, I only have the band to thank, these guys (Dennis Morgan, Mike Mayo, Rob Wharton, Steve Vermilyea) have such a unique way of combining all the elements of music that we love to listen to and then incorporate the classic 'slamming gore groove' sound that we have and mold it into a very vulgar and extremely aggressive sound that keeps you always wanting more. I am proud of my band and myself for what we believe to be a huge milestone in metal history.

Did the band start working on the album right after 'Perverse' or was there some time in between?

No, there was a lot of time in between. But that is OK. We are a busy and hard working band that is very happy with all that has happened with the band as time moved forward. I mean, members/friends left the band/got kicked out, fill-ins came in and got kicked out, you always need to have all the members to be 110 percent in this game. If not, that can slow down progress of reaching your goals. With regards to what has happened with the lineup, I know everything happens for a reason, good or bad and this new CD is proof of that result. Needless to say, fans from all over the world can't get enough of this epic release and that means mission accomplished!

Tell me about the album title.

This epic CD, 'Beyond Cops. Beyond God.,' is a themed CD in which Satan is on a killing spree, letting you know how much control he has over everyone and how he displays it upon revenge. I kept the lyrics about punishment, getting away with murder, explaining/describing the power of Satan, how cool it is to get high on death and the results of violence when showing disrespect. The lyrics are almost like describing a video game such as 'Grand Theft Auto' or something like that. It's fun to read the lyrics and listen to the music as you imagine the killings happen.

Necroharmonic -- coolest dude, ever. How did Waking the Cadaver become friends with Roy Fox?

Yes, Roy is the man. We met him through our good friend, Gutter Christ. For those that know Necroharmonic Records, you know that Roy Fox is a very well respected man with his teeth in the death metal scene since the birth of it. Himself, as well as Gutter, have helped Waking the Cadaver in so many ways and we are forever grateful for them and what they have done and for what they are doing now as well. We are very proud to have had our first release on Necroharmonic Records.

How has the tour been so far?

We just dominated the U.S.A. with our boys Without Remorse (N.Y.) and ripped apart Canada for the first time ever. We made a lot of new fans and impressed our current. Waking the Cadaver plans on taking the scene back from the front-running, trend-hopping bands that ripped us off years ago, put out our new CD 'Beyond Cops. Beyond God.' and tour with Napalm Death and let people know that we didn't go anywhere and that we are here to stay and dominate the slam scene as well as other scenes, all in the name of Satan.

What do you guys listen to in the van?

We are really old-school metalheads at heart that are not afraid to rock out to the classic '80s hair metal bands, and we are also really big hardcore fans as well ... so we mix it up!

In assumption that Waking the Cadaver has played a good amount of death metal festivals, what has been your favorite death fest experience to date?

For me, that would have to be the infamous Death Feast Open Air 2008 in Hunxe, Germany. The lineup was huge; it was a three-day event! I will name drop a few heavy hitters that played: Dying Fetus, Beheaded, Decrepit Birth, Cryptopsy, Origin, Condemned and C--- and Ball Torture to name just a few. We want to say thanks again to Blast Corpse Promotions and MAD Tour Booking to make it happen for us. It was a blast to say the least, and we will be back! Video is on our Youtube channel!

Be sure to catch the death metallers on tour with Napalm Death and Immolation from Nov. 3 to Dec. 8 throughout Europe.

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