Voices of Extreme
is an New York-based band pounding out high-quality melodic metal. Although they've been together since 2006, the group has largely flown under the radar. That's not to say they haven't received their share of critical praise. Their debut album, 'Hypocrite,' found its way into the hands of hard rock journalists throughout the world with its abundance of powerhouse vocal hooks and razor-sharp guitar work.

Since then, Voices of Extreme have shared the stage with everyone from Alice in Chains to Godsmack. The band is getting ready for the release of 'Break the Silence,' their brand new studio album. Noisecreep has the exclusive premiere of the record's title track. Check it out under the cut.

Listen to 'Break the Silence' from Voices of Extreme

"After a 3 year Hiatus from the first album and the band reuniting from locations all over the globe, we are very proud and happy to be back to share our music with our friends and fans and finally break the silence," Voices of Extreme vocalist Don Chaffin told Noisecreep.

The group's lineup also includes guitarist Nick Gertsson, drummer John Macaluso, bassist Bob Brennan and guitar wiz Rob Katrikh. The band's continued success and ascension into the ranks of metal royalty have garnered the attention of managers David R. Swales and Nicko McBrain [Iron Maiden].

'Break the Silence' will be out August 16th via Metalville Records.