Episode 9 of Vh1's 'Metal Evolution' series focuses on shock rock, and in our exclusive sneak peak, Alice Cooper reminisces about the 1969 Toronto concert that arguably spawned the genre. Sure, rockers had been scaring parents for 15 years, what with their sex and drugs and funny haircuts, but onstage animal mutilation had yet to enter the picture.

"Who brings a chicken to a show?" Cooper asks in clip.

It's a good question. However it got there, it didn't stick around long enough to catch the Doors, who were due up after Alice and his band. Somehow, the bird made it onstage and into Cooper's hands, and that's when things got ugly.

"I'm from Detroit," he says. "I've never been on a farm in my life. It had feathers. It was a bird. It should fly."

Not so much. The chicken landed in the audience, where crazed fans ripped it to pieces and threw the bloody carcass onstage. The work of leather-clad, devil-worshipping teenagers? Not if Alice is to be believed.

"The kicker to the story is this: The first five rows of the concert were all people in wheelchairs," Cooper says, adding a bizarre twist to one of rock's great more bizarre tales. "They're the ones that killed the chicken."

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