Change is the only constant with Underoath. Their fifth album, 'Ø (Disambiguation),' is due out via Solid State/Tooth & Nail on Nov. 9, and it marks the first album featuring new drummer Daniel Davison, late of Norma Jean. The band is said to have experienced an artistic rebirth with the new record, and it's one their legion of fans are stoked to witness, share and experience.

They also content, rather steadfastly, that the departure of drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie has not and will not affect their forward progress.

Vocalist Spencer Chamberlain calls out the song 'Paper Lung' as his favorite on the album, saying, "For me, it has a classic Deftones feel. It's still dark and heavy, but there's a melody driving it. Big choruses, guitars, quirky keyboard touches. I love it." Other track titles include 'Vacant Mouth,' 'Reversal,' Illuminator' and 'Who Will Guard the Guardians.'

In a statement, guitarist Tim McTague calls attention to the fact that the record isn't overly polished or perfect, saying, "When we felt the record taking shape, we sat with it for awhile. We looked at the songs and our past releases and compared the production. We weren't looking to go down the same road. Our last couple of records were super-produced and edited. This record feels more natural because it's a lot more sequential whereas our last record was more piece by piece. It's a lot closer to our live experience rather than a flawless, computerized project."

Chamberlain also said, "I'd say to fans that you may have heard Underoath, but you've never heard Underoath like this. There isn't a single part on this record that we would change." Those are big words, and fans will find out how 'Ø (Disambiguation)' stacks up to the band's confidence in it on Nov. 9.

Underoath will announce a late fall U.S. tour soon, so stay tuned for an announcement.