Twisted SisterAh, Dee Snider. You and your sick and, well, twisted sense of humor! The Twisted Sister frontman and 'House of Hair' radio show host -- and not to mention everyone's favorite Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike -- is launching a full-scale campaign to eradicate what he dubs the "systematic abuse" of the iconic metal hand gesture: the metal horns.

The first effort in the campaign to reclaim the horns is the launch of Take Back the Horns. Snyder was inspired to stop the overuse of the metal horns after reading a satirical and utterly hysterical article about the ubiquitousness of metal horns penned by The Onion newspaper.

While we love how the site documents the misuse of the horns -- Miley Cyrus is one glaring example -- and how Snider muses about the history and usage of the horns, he also posts photos of metalheads and others throwing horns and asks readers to rate the usage. Snider is obviously taking The Onion's perspective one step further. He's providing laughs and encouraging true metalheads to not be so accepting of soccer moms and pop tarts throwing the sacred symbol up in photos. In Dee We Trust, to foster a sense of community in the metal scene.

So if you're shopping at your local Abercrombie & Fitch and see a gratuitous and flagrant misuse of the horns, grab your cell phone camera, snap a picture and upload it to

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