Anthrax Guitarist Scott Ian’s Top 10 Thrash Albums
There's no denying the influence and intensity of Anthrax's 1987 album 'Among the Living,' which is why it has earned a place in the upper reaches of many fans and critics' top thrash album. Since the album has just been released as a double-disc set, and since Anthrax helped shape the face of the m…
Satyricon Set Stage Ablaze With Devilish Intent

"We have no political message or anything," Satyricon frontman Satyr said shortly after a scorching set by Taiwanese black metal freedom fighters Chthonic. "We just have the message of black metal."
And that was all it took. Satyricon may not wear corpse paint or spiked shin guard…
White Noise: Venom, Free Reign, Napalm Death
Today is our last day in the office before we head to the New England Hardcore and Metal Festival. Follow our adventures while we're on the road via Twitter. Until then, some metal linkage!
+ Photos of Napalm Death, Kataklysm & Toxic Holocaust in New York City.
+ S...