The Agonist’s Alissa White-Gluz on Being Vegan and Her Work With peta2
Canadian melodic death-metallers The Agonist have spent the last few months either in a recording studio working on their next album, or on the road touring in support of their new 'The Escape' EP. Signed to Century Media, the hard-working quartet have dedicated themselves to their music, but one thing The Agonist vocalist Alissa White-Gluz is equally passionate about is animal rights... Read Mor
The Agonist’s Alissa White-Gluz Stays Healthy On The Road
It's easy for a touring band to fall into unhealthy habits: partying too much, too many fast food stops, strange sleeping patterns, stress and exhaustion. Alissa White-Gluz, vocalist for Canadian metal band the Agonist, makes plenty sure she doesn't get trapped into a physically destructive routine on the road, though...
The Agonist’s Alissa Finds Inspiration Everywhere
The ears of any metal fan will perk up when listening to The Agonist's sophomore effort, 'Lullabies for a Dormant Mind', especially when vocalist Alissa White-Gluz tears into the song. The range of her dynamic voice - both the brutal and melodic - is amazing, considering how little experience and training she had prior to her career in metal...