10 Rockers Who Came Back After Serious Injuries
Rock 'n' roll musicians are a resilient bunch. One could draw a parallel between the physical toll many lifelong, touring musicians goes through and the stress professional athletes put their bodies through. It's not surprising some of our favorite rockers have bounced back after seri…
Steven Tyler Visits the Playboy Mansion for the First Time
The Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp roared back into Los Angeles this past week, as always, allowing campers to learn from rock and roll legends before appearing in concert before a star-studded crowd at some noted venue.
This time around, the event culminated with a show on May 5 at the Playboy Mansion w…
Steven Tyler Pleads With Legislators to Regulate TV
Boy has Aerosmith rocker, and onetime bad boy, Steven Tyler turned over a new leaf.
The singer, who has enjoyed a pop culture surge since joining 'American Idol' as a judge, is urging officials in the Supreme Court to increase legislation against indecent content and profanity on TV...

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