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Does the ‘Sophomore Slump’ Exist in Heavy Metal
In the second installment of his 'Mean Deviation' column, veteran music journalist Jeff Wagner takes a deep look at the infamous "sophomore slump." Check out the piece as he runs through several metal and hard rock subgenres and examines whether some of our favorite artists' stumbled on their sophomore albums or not...
Shrinebuilder Release Double LP
Shrinebuilder -- the much-hailed supergroup consisting of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich (the Obsessed, the Hidden Hand, St. Vitus), Dale Crover (Melvins), Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om) and Scott Kelly (Neurosis) -- recently unleashed their self-titled debut album upon the world...
Top 10 Worst Album Covers From Otherwise Killer Bands
One of the most compelling aspects of heavy metal is undoubtedly the imagery. It's nearly impossible to think about the movement without having a mental picture of the artwork found within it. Whether it's unmistakable mascots like Iron Maiden's Eddie or Motörhead's War-Pig or Cannibal Corpse's blood orgies disguised as album covers, metal and extreme visuals go together like stress and taxes. Alt