Scott Weiland Weds in Los Angeles
Scott Weiland has been in the headlines of late for the increasingly contentious feud with his ex bandmates in Stone Temple Pilots, but this story actually is a positive one for the vocalist as he has remarried.
Stone Temple Pilots Fire Scott Weiland
The Stone Temple Pilots musical roller coaster continues and may have come completely off the track. The band issued an incredibly short -just 10 words- statement, confirming that they have "officially terminated" longtime frontman Scott Weiland...
Scott Weiland Rejoins Velvet Revolver (UPDATED)
UPDATE: In an interview with 93X Rocks! Minneapolis today (May 14), Slash denied that Weiland had rejoined the band. Check out the story here. Having perhaps decided that the devil they know is better than the devil they don't, the members of Velvet Revolver have rehired Scott Weiland as their lead singer...

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