Katatonia Open Up About ‘Night Is the New Day’
If you haven't already heard Katatonia's 'Night Is the New Day,' hold off on compiling that top 10 list for the year. The Swedish metallers, who are coming up on their 20th anniversary, outdid themselves on their latest effort, which, in short, sounds like Opeth's 2001 classic 'Blackwater Park' with clean vocals...
Top 10 Albums of 2009
2009 was a fantastic year for heavy music. Not only was Noisecreep launched (just joking), some of our favorite bands came back from hibernation, showing us that playing metal and hardcore isn't just a young person's sport. With the end of the year upon us, every magazine and Web site is unleashing its 'top 10 of 2009' list, and Noisecreep is no different...
Syrach Frontman Offers Doom Metal ‘Starter Kit’
Of all the subgenres of doom metal that have reared their hoary heads over the decades, one of the most interesting has to be the small, but potent, hybrid we call 'death/doom.' Over the years, death/doom has separated itself into two very distinct camps: On the one side, you've got the bands like Swallow the Sun that aren't afraid to inject melody into their compositions and take cues from old Pa