Breach the Void, ‘The Monochromatic Era’ — New Album
After drummer Alex Anxionna left Sybreed in early 2006 because of 'personal issues,' he formed the Swiss industrial death metal outfit Etna, which in January changed their name to Breach the Void because of "numerous already existing Etnas throughout the world," the band said in a statement...
Nuclear Blast, Free ‘Sinister Spring Sampler’ — New Album
In an era where fans are downloading music off the Internet without paying for it, Nuclear Blast Records and Amazon are teaming up to make downloaders feel less like the criminals they're portrayed to be by the RIAA. The companies have assembled the 'Sinister Spring Sampler,' a collection of 11 songs by Nuclear Blast artists, and they've put it online...
Mnemic Guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie — Your iPod Is Showing
Judging from Mnemic's fourth album, 'Sons of the System,' it's pretty clear that the band members have eclectic musical tastes. The way vocalist Guillaume Bideau combines hellfire screams with steely melodic vocals and keyboard samples is definitely reminiscent of Fear Factory, the intermingling of machine-gun beats, blowtorch riffs and angular rhythms is redolent of Meshuggah and the abrupt stac
Mnemic, ‘Diesel Uterus’ — Killer Lyrics
Killer Lyrics: Senses bypassed by this corruption, we're all born in a diesel uterus / This chemical imbalance is telling me there is no end / A digital venom strangling the world. "'Diesel Uterus' is about how technology is changing our way of living, and how humans change with technology,'" guitarist and keyboardist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie told Noisecreep about Mnemic's track on their
Mnemic Mine Danish Soil for ‘Sons of the System’
Danish metallers Mnemic have decided to record their forthcoming fourth album, 'Sons of the System,' which is due out via Nuclear Blast in January 2010, in their native Denmark, which marks a return to recording music on home turf! Other than the obvious creature comforts of working while at home, is there anything in that Danish soil that will make this new album a monster...