Isis Call it Quits
In 1998 it began with 'The Mosquito Control' EP, embossed with a metallic insect that became the seal of the quintet and containing what for most became the first listens of a spacious yet destructive sound -- which became the pin pointed definition of post-metal...
Iceland Volcano Strands Metal Bands Across Europe
Lava-spewing volcanoes look pretty damn cool on album covers, but the past week has taught us that volcanoes and metal don't always mix so well. As anyone who doesn't live in a torch-lit cave knows by now, an Icelandic volcano erupted April 15, spreading clouds of ash across much of Europe and grounding hundreds of planes...
Zoroaster, ‘Matador’ — New Album
Power trio Zoroaster, who are currently recording their new album 'Matador,' earned the title of Atlanta's loudest band for quite an obvious reason: they play really f---ing loud! "The 'loudest band in Atlanta' thing is something we got tagged with from the early days, when all we cared about was drowning out the hecklers and it was 'full on 11' all of the time," vocalist/guitarist Will

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