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Hawks Frontman Explains Noise Rock as a Feeling
"We had an idea from the beginning to revisit the idea of '90s noise." vocalist Michael Keenan of Hawks explains the formation of the band to Noisecreep. Though the Atlanta band's adoration of the '90s sound is undeniable, their influences stray from the standard Am Rep Records influence leaning more on bands like Cherubs and Steel Pole Bathtub, which is why the band has more of a swing
Your iPod is Showing: Testament Guitarist Alex Skolnick
It's a good thing metal bands don't ask to see musicians' iPods before auditions. If they did, Testament might never have invited guitar whiz Alex Skolnick to be a part of their legacy. Obviously, iPods weren't around when Skolnick tried out in the mid '80s, but you get the point...
Aaron Deal of Salome Listens to Herbie Hancock
Getting the chance to chat with your favorite musicians about what gets their toes tapping is always an interesting experience. It usually yields a few more surprises than you might expect (like the time Blake Judd from Nachtmystium got all giddy over my roommate's Steely Dan records – but that's another story). Nois...