10 Best Metal Halloween Songs
The combination of Halloween and heavy metal is a beautiful match made in hell. And putting the two together is a no-brainer. Musicians have found endless inspiration from All Hallows Eve's dark imagery, so to help celebrate the ancient holiday, Noisecreep has put together a list of the top 10 metal Halloween songs...
Top 10 Worst Album Covers From Otherwise Killer Bands
One of the most compelling aspects of heavy metal is undoubtedly the imagery. It's nearly impossible to think about the movement without having a mental picture of the artwork found within it. Whether it's unmistakable mascots like Iron Maiden's Eddie or Motörhead's War-Pig or Cannibal Corpse's blood orgies disguised as album covers, metal and extreme visuals go together like stress and taxes. Alt
Top 10 High-Pitch Metal Singers
The high pitch scream is as synonymous with heavy metal as Dio's "metal horns." Throughout the 80s, approximately two out of five metal bands employed a singer who rocked the high-pitched delivery and wasn't afraid to use it. The next decade was especially rough for acts who favored this singing style...
Split Lips & Circle Pits: Warbringer, Whiplash, Psychosis
WAKING INTO SINGLES: Posted late last week, Century Media's Warbringer posted a new track titled "Severed Reality" from their upcoming album 'Waking Into Nightmares'. Scheduled for a May 19 release in the states the Ventura, California thrashers also filmed a music video for the aforementioned release with director David Brodsky (Shai Hulud, Through The Eyes Of The Dead) and will premie