Sourvein Stoked to Play With Pentagram, Really Dig Shrinebuilder
North Carolina sludgemongers Sourvein are gearing up for one hell of a busy year. Currently locked away in a studio somewhere on the wrong side of the tracks, working hard to finish up their next full-length for Candlelight, the intriguingly-titled 'Aquatic Occult' while plotting a split release with Japanese bringers of doomed death Coffins, the band also has several very special live rituals lo
Graveyard Will Bring Their Brain on Tour With CKY
Sweden may be best known as the birthplace of the 'Gothenburg Sound' pioneered by At The Gates or, perhaps more recently, the melancholy dynamism of Stockholm's Opeth, but there's another vibrant scene in the Scandinavian country-- that which summons the gods of Rock with a capital R; that which has Witchcraft and Graveyard at the vanguard...