Best Metal Videos of 2010 (So Far)
UPDATE: See our final list of the best metal videos of 2010. 2010 has been a great year for metal videos, crying out for a best-of list. Fan-made brutality, animation, space travel -- 2010's had it all. But it's so easy to miss a video in the myriad of premieres, so out of hope that nothing gets left out, we here at Noisecreep offer up our best of the best metal videos so far this year... Read Mor
Top 10 Albums of 2009
2009 was a fantastic year for heavy music. Not only was Noisecreep launched (just joking), some of our favorite bands came back from hibernation, showing us that playing metal and hardcore isn't just a young person's sport. With the end of the year upon us, every magazine and Web site is unleashing its 'top 10 of 2009' list, and Noisecreep is no different...
White Noise: News on Godsmack, Kiss, Converge, Spinal Tap and More
Man, what a gorgeous weekend we had here in New York, despite what every single meteorologist told us heading into the holiday. What an awesome job that must be, huh? You can be wrong all the time, and still, no one fires you. Must be nice. Anyways, we've been away for three days now, which means we've got three days of metal news to catch you up on...
Converge Unveil New Material, Entombed Cover During Club Tour
Converge used their just-wrapped one week club tour to preview some new material from their forthcoming record. Their one-hour set at Europa Night Club in Brooklyn, New York proved that even as they close in on 20 years as a band, they've lost nothing in intensity, tearing through standards like "The Saddest Day" and "Plagues" as if trying to avoid being shown up by openers Gen