Sworn Enemy’s Lorenzo Antonucci Quits, Starts Smashface
Longtime Sworn Enemy guitarist and lovable lug Lorenzo Antonucci has exited the Queens-based band after a decade of hardcore domination. The split was totally amicable and Antonucci looks back on the experience with lots of love and fond memories, having said in a statement, "This band has allowed me the opportunity to see the world and provided many countless, good memories that I will never
Italy’s Awaken Demons Are Living the Dream
You probably haven't heard of Awaken Demons yet, but the Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennet and Earth Crisis' Karl Buechner have. The vocalists each lend their throats as guests on the band's forthcoming Trustkill debut, 'The Mirror,' which hit stores Aug...
Earth Crisis Take Vigilante Action
Scales of justice raised / Every meth lab burned / Crimson flames / Against the darkened sky Earth Crisis inspired legions of hardcore scenesters to adopt a vegan or straight-edge lifestyle during their time as a band in the 90's and early 2000's...
White Noise: Soundgarden, Earth Crisis, Avalanche
Happy tuesday. Enjoy these links from our brothers and sisters in metal. See something awesome? Let us know. + Chris Cornell spoke a bit about Soundgarden. A reunion show would be amazing, Chris. Come on! + Born of Osiris have an album coming out in June...

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