Droids Attack, ‘The Great Wall of ‘Gina’ — New Video
Warning: This video contains no robots. But if you want that, make sure to catch the Madison, Wis.-based trio Droids Attack on tour as their mascot Robo is known to flex his metallic might in the audience. 'The Great Wall of 'Gina' features what you would expect from Droids Attack: heavy riffs cutting to the fuzz point...
Droids Attack Don’t Care About Standards and Metal Conventions
Perhaps it's because they base themselves out of the relatively low-key music scene of Madison, Wisc., but Droids Attack don't seem too concerned with adhering to any sort of standard that their more famous peers may have established. While their music is seriously crushing, as demonstrated on their new album 'Must Destroy,' they don't take themselves all too seriously -- evidenced be their droid