Heavy Metal Grammy Awards: Who Has Won, Who Should Have Won
"I don't know what this means. I don't think it means anything" -- Eddie Vedder, accepting a Grammy for Pearl Jam's 'Spin the Black Circle,' 1996 I tend to take the Pearl Jam Attitude toward the Grammys, but it's still fun to sit back and watch people who know nothing about metal try and hand out awards for "Best Performance" every year...
Dream Theater: All Five Members Reflect on Their Year of Dramatic Events
Please pardon the pun, but it's been a dramatic year of events for Dream Theater. In the wake of their split with founding drummer Mike Portnoy, the prog-metal icons Dream Theater found themselves at a serious crossroads moment. But as all five current members shared with Noisecreep, they not only survived, but they also managed to channel all of the turmoil into some of the finest music of their
Metal and Hard Rock Musicians Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions
It's time to rock n' roll into a new year which leads us to ask - have you made your New Year's resolutions yet? While you ponder your own, Noisecreep thought it would be fun to follow up with some of the musicians we've featured on the site over the past year to see just what their New Year's resolutions are for 2012...
Dream Theater’s Mike Mangini Looks Back on His First Year With the Band
Mike Mangini has had a busy year since April when he learned he'd won the gig as the new drummer in Dream Theater, replacing founding member Mike Portnoy. A new album ('A Dramatic Turn of Events'), a worldwide tour and having to learn some of the most interesting, complex material imaginable might wear other drummers down, but not Mangini...

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