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Ex-Coheed and Cambria Bassist Battling Cancer + More News
Former Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd is battling a resurgence of testicular cancer. Todd, 23, made headlines last year after he held up a drug store while trying to obtain painkillers for his addiction. He left the band after that drama and was sentenced to home confinement and a drug program...
Coheed and Cambria, ‘Domino the Destitute': Video Premiere
On Oct. 9, Coheed and Cambria will be releasing The Afterman: Ascension, the first part of a planned double concept album. "We've got so many ideas and so much material and the more I wrote the more I realized that I was, for the first time in a really long time, allowing my life to dictate the story as opposed to making up something totally separate from my life," vocalist/guitarist Cla
Coheed and Cambria Guitarist’s Wife Opens Bakery (INTERVIEW)
"So we had Travis working behind the counter, among many other jobs he has been doing here; Claudio and Chondra were helping out, washing windows, helping in the kitchen - everyone has been just amazing." Abigail Stever is talking about her husband, guitarist Travis Stever, along with vocalist/guitarist Claudio Sanchez, both of Coheed and Cambria fame, and Sanchez's wife, the writer, Cho
Coheed and Cambria Name New Bassist
With former bassist Michael Todd is dealing with the fallout (read: awaiting trial for armed robbery) after having held up a Walgreen's in Massachusetts in an attempt to score some prescription drugs before a scheduled gig with Soundgarden last summer, Coheed and Cambria not only distanced themselves from him...

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