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Anthony Green, ‘Get Yours While You Can (Behind the Scenes)’ –Exclusive
Circa Survive vocalist Anthony Green recently released 'Beautiful Things,' his second solo album. Although Green recorded the new collection at his wife's parent's beach house in Avalon, N.J., you wouldn't know it from hearing it. Tracks like 'Big Mistake' and 'Get Yours While You Can' ooze with layer upon layer of guitars, vocal harmonies and the wide-screened production values usually found on a
Torche Get Robbed in Chicago
Sometime between 1:30 AM and 4:00 AM on May 14 the all too common tour horror story happened to Torche: someone broke into their van. "Some of us were just a couple blocks away at a friend's house while this happened. Some of our bags were still in the van because a couple of us were out, and were planning on meeting up with the others at our friends house," bassist Jonathan Nuñez tol
Coheed and Cambria Discuss Timelines and Tours — Video Interview
Prog rock fans, rejoice! There's a new Coheed and Cambria record in stores called 'Year of the Black Rainbow.' Like all of Coheed's previous efforts, 'Black Rainbow' is a concept record that serves as a prequel to frontman Claudio Sanchez's 'Amory Wars' storyline, the same storyline that's unfolded across the band's first four records...
Circa Survive, ‘Blue Sky News’ — New Album
Philly experimentally proggy, post-hardcore band Circa Survive just released their Atlantic debut, 'Blue Sky Noise.' It's the band's first album in two years. Featuring former This Day Forward member Colin Frangicetto on guitars and ex-Saosin vocalist Anthony Green, who hits notes so high you'd think he was a girl (if you didn't know any better ) or that someone was squeezing his testicles when
Hard Rock and Metal New Releases — April 20
The weather is warming up and metal releases are blazing through retail shelves. This week, plenty of quality records are landing. AC/DC, 'Iron Man 2' Soundtrack (Columbia): AC/DC classics like 'Shoot to Thrill,' 'Back in Black,' 'Thunderstruck,' 'T...
Coheed and Cambria Thankful for Hyper New York City Crowd
If you've ever loved Rush, Queensrÿche, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd, then you can understand the extreme admiration people have for Coheed and Cambria. For me the band -- with their hearty, retro guitar solos and progressive song structure -- has always been a tribute to the great bands who kicked off heavy music in the first place. W...

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