Best Metal Songs of 1986
Best Metal Songs of 1986
By all rights, the early 1980s heavy metal craze should have been done by 1986, leaving behind only the neon scars, pink bandannas, and bootleg Quiet Riot T-shirts. Instead, an underground armada led by Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer reconfigured metal from the ground up, bringing bullet belts to the masses while injecting energy, integrity, and even some intelligence into its aggression... Read
Iceland Volcano Strands Metal Bands Across Europe
Lava-spewing volcanoes look pretty damn cool on album covers, but the past week has taught us that volcanoes and metal don't always mix so well. As anyone who doesn't live in a torch-lit cave knows by now, an Icelandic volcano erupted April 15, spreading clouds of ash across much of Europe and grounding hundreds of planes...

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