Boris to Tour North America in October
Japanese hipster metal trio Boris are coming to North America for a headline tour that launches in October and runs through mid-November. Each leg will feature different yet always eclectic and extrene openers, such as Asobi Seksu, Tera Melos, True Widow, Liturgy, Coliseum and Master Musicians of Bukkake...
Hard Rock and Metal New Releases – May 2011
The month of May will roar in before you know it with plenty of goodies for fans of the dark & brutal as well as the melodic and fun. Releases from '80s hard rock hit-makers dominate the first week of the month with Poison offering up 'Double Dose of Poison: Ultimate Hits.' T...
Japanese Trio Boris Issue Statement About Earthquake and Tsunami
Japanese drone metal trio Boris have issued a brief but hopeful statement about the recent earthquake and tsunami that devastated their native country last week. "Boris expresses our condolences to everyone who passed away because of current unexpected earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, and also our deepest sympathies for all of the people who have a hard time...
Boris, ‘BXI’ — New Album
Always the band that can't be pinned down, the Japanese metal shape shifters of Boris continue to do the unexpected; this time bringing Ian Astbury of the Cult in for an EP simply called 'BXI.' The EP's four songs were recorded in Japan in late April where Astbury lent his gargantuan voice to three of the songs, and Boris guitarist Wata placed his aerial voice over a cover the The Cult song 'Rain
Baroness, Iron Age, Torche Rock Atlanta
Technically speaking, Atlanta is not where the members of Baroness call home, that's Savanna, Ga. Atlanta grabbed them and claimed them back when 'Red Album' began to take off back in 2007. But now is the time of 'Blue Record,' and Baroness are carrying with them enough praise to make the end of their headlining tour at the Masquerade back on Dec...
The Evolution of Heavy Metal Design
In heavy metal design, images of dragons, maidens and swords have been replaced with an enigmatic mixture of color, shape and mood that reflect the "glacially slow" and intricate heaviness in drone and avant-garde metal's rising popularity. Ian Christe, author of 'Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal,' explains that though junior high schoolers and Norwegia
Blackened Music Series, Scion Rock Fest Mastermind Is ‘Putting on the Shows I Really Want to See’
To simply say that former Vice Records' founder and current Blackened Music Series creator Adam Shore is a busy guy is an extreme understatement. Fresh off the heels of his Brutal Truth/Pig Destroyer/Repulsion show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple this past July -- an ample offering for the Blackened Music Series' elite, growing roster -- Noisecreep sat down with Shore to discuss what else is in sto
Vinyl in the Digital Age: Straight From the Horse’s Mouth, Talking to Bands
Vinyl records should have been something dead and buried when the digital age took its big thick grasp, as the number one music store in the country became a digital one. But the truth is, vinyl might be a driving force, helping keep the aching music industry alive -- especially in the underground metal and punk community, which is what Eric Mueller from Pirate Press told Noisecreep in an intervie
Sunn 0)))’s Greg Anderson On A Decade Of Experimental Music
When Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley formed Sunn 0))) in 1998, they had no idea that their genre-defying brand of experimental doom would exist over a decade later. But as their seventh album, 'Monoliths and Dimensions,' draws closer to a release (May 26), Anderson says they didn't necessarily care about leaving their mark on music, either...

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