black math horseman

Iceland Volcano Strands Metal Bands Across Europe
Lava-spewing volcanoes look pretty damn cool on album covers, but the past week has taught us that volcanoes and metal don't always mix so well. As anyone who doesn't live in a torch-lit cave knows by now, an Icelandic volcano erupted April 15, spreading clouds of ash across much of Europe and grounding hundreds of planes...
Poster Art and Psych Rock Align in San Francisco at Fog Rising Fest
Tee Pee Records and Secret Serpents have announced Fog Rising -- a day-long celebration of the "twisted offspring" of rock 'n' roll's fragmented styles set to take place this November in San Francisco. Inspired in reaction to the mainstream media's coverage of Woodstock's 40th anniversary, the fest's organizers have chosen to spotlight important rock offshoots such as prog rock, experi
Black Math Horseman’s New Era Apocalypse
Don't let their name mislead you. Black Math Horseman aren't a black metal band nor are they mathrock, and there isn't really anything 'galloping' or equestrian about their sound. The songs on their Tee Pee Records debut, 'Wyllt,' are dark, distant and dynamic, nestling comfortably into a place between the frigid, precise textures of recent Isis and the warm fuzz of psych and stoner rock with the