John Connolly of Projected: Five Albums That Changed My Life
Featuring members of Sevendust, Creed and Alter Bridge, one would expect a lot of from Projected. As it turns out, the band delivers the goods... and then some. Projected's (Sevendust guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips, and Tremonti/Creed guitarist Eric Friedman) upcoming debut album, Human, features an army of gigantic choruses and kickass
Myles Kennedy on Working With Slash, Drugs and the End of the World
In discussing his 2010 self-titled album that features various singers from Lemmy to Fergie, Slash called Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy "the big discovery of making the record." Now Kennedy is the only singer on Slash's new album, Apocalyptic Love (out this week), which is billed as "Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators...

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