Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains' William DuVall Shares Amp Fascination
Alice In Chains co-vocalist and guitarist William DuVall spoke with Music Radar about the new album, ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,’ and during the chat he took some time to address how the band gets some of their great guitar sounds and how that played into the creat…
Alice in Chains Unveil 'Voices' Lyric Video
Alice in Chains continue the trend of super cool, extensive lyric videos in the metal world as of late. While the lyric video format is just another piece of content with visuals that serves as a means to learn lyrics and to listen to a song, AiC's lyric video for 'Voices' will grab y…
G&L Unveil Two New Jerry Cantrell Signature Guitars
Jerry Cantrell will have his new signature G&L guitars in rotation for future Alice in Chains shows. The two new guitars, the Tribute Series Superhawk and the Tribute Series Superhawk Deluxe, offer some tweaks to his custom line of G&L guitars.
Alice in Chains Reveal New Branded ‘Pinball Rocks’ App

You can nab the app here if you are the type that likes to use your mobile device or smartphone to kill time in a rock 'n' roll way. It'll only set you back by $2.99, too. You can't beat that price in this economy. The way we see it, if you're going to get carpal tunnel syndrome from using your thum…

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