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Influential Record Label Closing Shop, Soundgarden to Ink New Label Deal + More News
A moment of silence, as Hydra Head Records, the label responsible for bringing us releases by Cave In Botch and more, is closing shop. The label will cease operations in December, after putting out its final releases. While Aaron Turner (seen above), the founder of the operation, claims that it has never been a smooth running scenario, the label can no longer afford to keep its doors open... Read
Five Albums That Changed My Life: Jussi Lehtisalo of Split Cranium, Circle
Earlier this year, former Isis guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner hooked up with Finnish musicians Jussi Lehtisalo (also of Circle and Pharaoh Overlord), Jukka Kroger and Samae Koskinen, to release an album under the name Split Cranium. The 8-song collection features the talented quartet blasting through Discharge-styled hardcore with reckless abandon...