Shane Told is the lead singer for punk/emo/hardcore/whateveryouwannacallit band Silverstein. This week, Told and the band will be issuing a new record called "Short Songs.' The album features 22 tracks, all under 90 seconds, including 11 originals and 11 covers songs of the some of the Canadian act's favorite artists. To help celebrate Silverstein's album release, we asked Told what his favorite "Short Songs" of all time were. Also check out 'Short Songs' streaming in its entirety at the AOL Listening Party.

10. Napalm Death - 'You Suffer' (0:01)

"Possibly one of the most ridiculous songs ever "written", but any list that doesn't mention this "epic gem" probably just missed it... because it's so short."

9. The Beatles - 'Her Majesty' (0:24)

"Ending the classic and lengthy 'Abbey Road' album with a 24-second song which doesn't even resolve was one of the coolest things the Beatles ever did. Strangely enough, since this was the last Beatles album ever recorded, it actually was the last Beatles song ever. Unfinished just like the band. Eerie."

8. NOFX - 'It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite' (1:21)

"NOFX has done a ton of great short songs over their almost 30-year career, but 'Punk Rock Elite' is my favorite. This rapid fire classic is perfection through slight imperfection, with a lot of character, and a great message. A very interesting chord progression makes for a catchy melody, but keeps the song very distinctive. We did 2 versions of this; one with the original lyrics, and another one making fun of a punk rock news website. We figured that would make NOFX proud."

7. The Promise Ring - 'Scenes From Parisian Life' (1:25)

"Very often short songs are associated with punk rock, hardcore and grindcore, but emo forefathers The Promise Ring had a few sub two minute jams that kept it mellow. 'Scenes From Parisian Life' paints an amazing picture lyrically, and the layered guitars and bass sound beautiful over the timid vocals and jazz inspired drumming."

6. Orchid - 'Destination: Blood!' (1:07)

"This Massachusetts band was only together for five years, but the three albums they put out blurred the lines between screamo and grindcore, and hardcore and power violence. Although Orchid was known for having deep literary influences in their lyrics, this song is a great tongue in cheek take on the late 90's elitist hardcore scene. Simply brilliant."

5. Minor Threat - 'I Don't Wanna Hear It' (1:14)

"Covered by what seemed like every hardcore/punk band in the late '90s, Minor Threat stood for something, meant every word, and weren't afraid to jam it down your throat in record time. Another Minor Threat short classic 'Straight Edge' started a whole movement in only 45 seconds."

4. Descendents - 'Coffee Mug' (0:35)

"Known for their humor and having a ton of short songs over their career, 'Coffee Mug' is pure Descendents fun. Conjuring up images of a sketched out Milo looking for his next caffeine fix, it only took them 35-seconds to get through this track and put another stamp on punk rock history."

3. American Nightmare - 'Hearts' (1:03)

"Another legendary Boston area band, it's hard to think of a hardcore band with more credibility than American Nightmare. This minute long song just gives you what you want the whole time, ending with one of the classic breakdowns in hardcore history. Screaming gets you nothing."

2. Rancid - 'Maxwell Murder' (1:26)

"The first song on the overwhelmingly popular 'And Out Come the Wolves' clocks in at 1:26 and still features an intro, three choruses, two verses and a bass solo!"

1. Dead Kennedys - 'Short Songs' (0:24)

"Although there was never a proper studio version of this song recorded (the only version is a live recording from March 3, 1979), this song is still legendary as both a social commentary on prog rock of the time (Rick Wakeman, eat your heart out) and also of punk bands at the time and the ever increasing shortness of their songs. Strangely enough the member of Dead Kennedys who wrote this (known as "6025") was in the band for less than a year and actually left the band because he wanted to join a prog rock band."

Silverstein's 'Short Songs' will be out this week via Hopeless Records.

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