Shadowside's thrashtacular 'Angel With Horns' appears on the Brazilian band's forthcoming, guitar-driven album, 'Inner Monster Out,' due in stores on August 30th. The song meshes modern and classic metal, and operates off a battery of high vocals and galloping riffs. It also explores the two warring natures implicit in most human beings

'Angel With Horns' is one of my favorite songs of the new album," Shadowside's Dani Nolden told Noisecreep. "It's heavy, catchy and fun, straight to the point, the type of track that just gets me in the mood to headbang!" Headbanging aside, Nolden elaborated on the subject matter, saying, "The lyrics are about a twisted person with both pure evil and angelic innocence within her, that messes with the heads of people and confuses them when they turn to her to escape their own boring reality. The fun, yet darkish mood, is also in the music, so I feel it's a nice example of what is to come!"

Listen to 'Angels With Horns' from Shadowside

Shadowside has also set up a page at, giving fans intimate, unique opportunities, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross which you can check out here.

'Inner Monster Out' will terrorize your ears on August 30th.