Lions and tigers and bears ... and bunnies! The latest Rise Against video for the single 'Savior' is no trip back to Oz, but director Kevin Kerslake (Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins) worked with the veteran punk band to put a tongue-in-cheek twist over political undertones. Actors donned furry suits and got into a mosh pit alongside the band members, who perform the single below a highway in the middle of the night. Feeling unwelcome, a polar bear shuffles away. "You might say that the polar bear -- the threatened species -- is getting the raw end of the deal from the elephant," says Kerslake, regarding the story's biggest bully, "which is the symbol for the Republican party."

'Savior' is cute, but there are heavy implications towards the end, when our hero sees a particular creature from the pit and makes effort to save him. "This is all about forgiveness," says Kerslake. Now, the video is hitting major political keywords: environment, extinction and exploitation. Loaded with comments from the band and director, you can watch AOL's exclusive footage from the making of 'Savior' below.

'Savior' is the third single off of 'Appeal to Reason,' which was released last October on Interscope. Rise Against are wrapping us a U.S. tour this week before heading to Europe, but will return briefly in December before heading back across the pond.