Quiet Riot dismissed singer Mark Huff, who replaced the late Kevin DuBrow, yesterday. His firing came at an inopportune time, as the vocalist is about to undergo brain surgery. Huff sounded off about his dismissal, claiming he deserves better treatment. He also insisted that he will be fine.

Huff was named the singer of Quiet Riot in September of 2010, and toured with the band throughout the next year. Before joining the 'Cum on Feel the Noize' rockers, Huff was singing in a Van Halen tribute act called 5150.

With Huff out, former Montrose singer Kevin St. John will take over the vacant frontman position for Quiet Riot during some previously booked East Coast club dates next month.

Huff initially commented on matters via a Facebook post, indicating that he was a bit blindsided, writing: "As I sit in hospital... wait for my brain surgery... I have been let go from QUIET RIOT. And nobody's had balls to tell it to my face. Interesting ... the rock 'n' roll business. I have to read the news in a post that's not even directed to me?... WTF?

He also wrote: "Let me tell all my friends... don't count me out... Watch what happens. It's obvious what I ever meant to this situation... I deserve better treatment... Don't worry about me... Worry about your own bad selves. And I am gonna take the high road... I have so much shit I could speak... Stay tuned, my friends."

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali addressed the matter frankly, as well, posting on Facebook, too. His post uses legal jargon and even refers to his ex bandmate as "Mr. Huff!" How formal, right?

Below is the entirety of Banali's post:

"With regards to Mark Huff: My policy has always been not to air out the dirty laundry in public. That policy remains the same even in light of those who chose to make accusations. The fact is that Mr. Huff's medical condition had nothing to do with the decision that was made, though it is unfortunate that it comes at such a time. His wife assured me that Mark would be home this week, and as legal protocol dictated, a certified letter was sent informing Mark of the decision that was made and why it was made. This was days ago. The content of that letter is a private matter unless Mr. Huff decides to make the reason for his dismissal made public, which I believe would be counterproductive for him. I will not go tit for tat with this issue. If certain persons wish to villainize me, that is their prerogative."

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