Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested at an airport in Austin, Texas today (Sept. 4), after the drunk singer became combative with a flight attendant while airborne.

Scantlin apparently became obstinate, and his plane, originally bound for L.A., need to be rerouted to Austin for an emergency landing. He was promptly removed from the vessel and cuffed.

According to TMZ, who spoke with the Austin police department, Scantlin got into a verbal spat with the flight attendant over –you guessed it- alcohol. An airport security source claims that Scantlin was angered because the flight crew refused to serve him any booze.

Scantlin was arrested and booked for public intoxication. He could face future federal charges of interfering with a flight crew, another big no-no. The rocker pled guilty to felony cocaine possession as recently as July, stemming from a January 2012 arrest in Culver City, Calif.

There's a bit of an interesting caveat related to Scantlin's other charges. Since he pled guilty to the coke charge earlier this summer, the judge agreed to clear his record in 18 months if he obeyed the law. Now with this new arrest, we'll see if that deal will remain intact.

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