Powerworld's 'Children of the Future' brims with noodly solos, and it's ultimately more metal than a mouth full of cavities. However, the song doesn't skimp on the kind of melodies that camp out in your cranium for days on end. That's precisely why we are premiering the song here on Noisecreep. 'Children of the Future' appears on the band's new album, 'Human Parasite.'

"The song is about the missing education by children," bassist Ilker Ersin, late of Freedom Call, told Noisecreep about the song's somewhat apocalyptic subject matter. "The second verse is about poor people, who don't have the possibilities to send [their] children to better schools. The children must live with our decisions if we pass away!"

Listen to 'Children of the Future'

'Human Parasite' is out Nov. 9.

'Human Parasite' track list

01. 'Cleansed by Fire'

02. 'Stand Up'

03. 'Evil In Me'

04. 'Time Will Change'

05. 'Human Parasite '

06. 'Hope'

07. 'East Comes to West'

08. 'Children of the Future '

09. 'Caught In Your Web '

10. 'Tame Your Demons '

11. 'Might of Secrets'

12. 'King for a Day'

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