A quick trip to Pearl Jam's website shows a new design, but that's not even the most intriguing part of the visit. At present, the website has a countdown at the top of the site that is leading to a big announcement, but what could it be?

More than likely it will be the debut of a new single, as there had been talk last month that a song called 'Mind Your Manners' was set to arrive on July 16. The rumor came from a music industry site, who posted the title amongst the upcoming radio releases, but they quickly removed the post. Still, the proposed single release date rumored doesn't coincide with the countdown clock.

There is also the possibility that the announcement could be a tour announcement. Pearl Jam have booked a handful of shows this summer, but there has been rumors about a full-fledged fall tour in the works.

The other major option would be the revelation of their new album details. After starting in 2012, then taking a lengthy break, the band resumed writing and recording on their upcoming release with producer Brendan O'Brien earlier this year.

So will it be new music, a tour, the revelation of their new album or some combination of all three? We'll find out Monday (July 8). Stay tuned.